FAQ Category: SydeWyrker FAQ's

What does it take to become a successful SydeWyrker?

We are glad to hear you’re determined to be the best SydeWyrker possible!  This will allow you to have your very own, successful side hustle while on the SydeWyrk platform.  Check out our Tips for Becoming a Successful SydeWyrker HERE.

Am I covered under insurance provided by SydeWyrk?

No, as an independent contractor it is your responsibility to acquire and maintain any insurance you may need for any state in which you pick up and perform work in.

What if a homeowners job post ends up being inaccurate?

If the homeowners job is inaccurate you have the option to either complete the job and rate the homeowner appropriately for their job, or cancel the job and contact us at support@sydewyrk.com.

Am I required to bring my own equipment?

Yes, when requesting hire for a job, you will see the responsibilities of both parties, which includes the SydeWyrker supplying all necessary equipment to complete the job.  If you do not have the appropriate equipment to complete a job, you should never request hire for it.

After I am hired for a job, what do I do next?

Congratulations on being hired for a job on SydeWyrk!  Once you are hired, you are responsible for completing the job in the time frame requested by your customer.  When you are ready to start the job, you will log into the app and select start job.  When you are finished, you will log back in…
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How long does it take for payment to arrive in my account?

In most instances your payment will arrive in your bank account 2 business days after the job is completed.  If you have any issues with it taking longer than expected, please reach out to us at support@sydewyrk.com and we will assist you as quickly as we can.

Why do you need my bank account information and last four of my SSN?

This information is required by our third party payment processor in order for you to be paid after you successfully complete a job.  The last four of your SSN allow the payment processor to run additional identity checks on you to ensure you’re provided information is indeed factual.