Save Time and Money on your sidework, by finding help on the SydeWyrk platform.

Stop wasting time and money trying to find help with your sidework projects on other platforms.  Let the help come straight to your phone and email.

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Your Simple Solution for your sidework projects

SydeWyrk is an online marketplace platform, that connects busy homeowners with individuals in you area, who are looking to earn money by picking up sidework.

Fast, Efficient, Easy!

There are MANY ways to find help around your property.  But they all tend to require A TON of inconveniences for both the customer and the worker.  SydeWyrk changes that!


Choose from our list of pre-priced jobs, OR build your own custom job, fill in the necessary information, and post it to our marketplace.  Registered SydeWyrker’s will get notifications of your job and have a chance to request hire.


Browse the SydeWyrker’s rated and reviewed profile to decide whether or not to hire them for your sidework project.  


Review your SydeWyrker’s performance and you’re done!  The transaction is handled within the app making it a seamless, easy process!

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Start making money as a SydeWyrker!

We Make it Easy!

No more need to post all of your sidework jobs on a Facebook page, only to get recommendations of companies that are too busy for your one time job, or a friend of a friends neighbor that might be available.  Then you still have to work out a form of payment!  This process is inconvenient, and exhausting!

Real Hire Requests

Only receive requests from people that are ACTUALLY interested in your sidework.  No more chasing down help or shuffling through quotes.

Multi-Device Platform

Of course we are on Android and iPhones, but feel free to use our user friendly Desktop App as well.

No physical transactions

No need for Cash, or a physical transaction.  All payments are handled safely and securely within the app for a seemless experience.

Pre-Priced or Custom Jobs

Skip the price haggling by selecting from pre-priced jobs or choose your own price with a custom job.

A few sidework chores you can find on our platform

We like to help you get chores done, no matter if you are home, or not!  This is why we focus
on chores for the exterior of your home.  No scheduling conflicts and no personal interaction required.

SydeWyrk - On Demand Local Sidework - Lawn Care

Can’t get your lawn mowed for the big party?  Saving your back from the big leaf pickup?  No equipment for fertilizing your lawn?  There are SydeWyrkers that have you covered.

SydeWyrk - On Demand Local Sidework - Landscaping

Simple mulching around your property to planting beautiful rose bushes.  You can find help to give you that curb appeal to stand out in the neighborhood.


Need to move a big item but only have a car?  Find a neighborhood SydeWyrker to deliver your mulch, haul away yard waste, or move your couch across town.


Snow can come at the least convenient times.  Post a Job and have a SydeWyrker clear your drive and sidewalk no matter if you’re at work, kids activity, or lounging around watching TV.


Green mold growing on your siding?  Patio turning your feet black?  Concrete starting to look like blacktop?  Hire someone to blast your hard surfaces back to looking new.


We all LOVE our pets, but nobody enjoys cleaning up after them.  Hire someone to do the dirty work and enjoy your clean yard.


Sometimes those automatic car washes just don’t cut it.  Get all the road grime off your car with a hand wash.  All you need to do is supply the water source!


Get those trees and bushes into shape!  Curb appeal can be greatly improved with some well maintained trees and bushes!


Keep up with us as we Start Up!

Check out our SydeWyrk blog below for the latest tricks and tips for help around your home.

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There are MANY ways to find help around your property.  But they all tend to require A TON of inconveniences for both the customer and the worker.  SydeWyrk is looking[…]

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