FAQ Category: Property Owner/Customer FAQ's

What is the Verified Badge on a SydeWyrkers profile?

After a user signs up to be a SydeWyrker on the platform, they are given the opportunity to request a phone interview to become verified. We ask them a series of questions to show they understand their responsibilities as a SydeWyrker and to make sure they understand how the platform works. We do not verify…
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Why was I charged $1 from SydeWyrk?

When you order a job, our payment processor does a quick ‘touch’ charge to ensure the validity of your card.  This is an industry standard and the charge should be refunded fairly quickly.

Do I have to contact the SydeWyrker when I hire them?

It is not required that you contact the SydeWyrker.  It is there for your convenience should you feel the need to explain any details regarding the job.  The SydeWyrker may also reach out to you during the job process.

Do I need to be home when the SydeWyrker does the job?

No you do not need to be home.  One of the great things about our platform is you never need to have personal interaction with the other party unless you choose to.  You can always communicate with the SydeWyrker through the masked phone number available on the job page to discuss any details about your…
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What happens when I “Reject Hire” for a SydeWyrker?

When you reject a potential hire you will see the next SydeWyrker in line for your job if multiple SydeWyrkers have requested hire.  The SydeWyrker will be notified that your job is “No longer available”.

What is the service fee?

The service fee helps cover our costs with the payment processing for every job.  We use a very secure and robust third party payment processor that goes to great lengths to ensure your payments process securely at all times.

How do I review a SydeWyrker?

When the job is completed, you can log into the app, click on the job, and review the SydeWyrkers job performance with a star rating and written review.

Can I tip a SydeWyrker?

At this time we do not have an option for tipping for a job well done.  This is a feature we are working on developing to bring to you soon.  Always be sure to leave a great review for a job well done so future customers will be more apt to hire them!

Can I bundle two jobs together that I need done at the same time?

At this time we do not have an option to bundle jobs together.  This is a tool we are working on developing and hope to bring to you soon!

Is plant watering jobs for one day or all days I select when posting the job?

All jobs on our platform are for a one time service.  If you would like a job done on multiple days you will need to post multiple jobs.