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Toledo Landscaping Tips

If you want to increase your curb appeal, upgrading your lawn with the services of a Toledo landscaping professional is an option that you won’t regret. Smart landscaping has the potential to change the appearance of your entire property, while also significantly increasing the market value of your home.

You may worry about the planning, execution, and budgeting involved, but with these landscaping tips, enhancing your lawn doesn’t have to be such an overwhelming task.

1.) Plan for the whole year

The key to having a beautiful yard for the entire year is to plan your landscaping in such a way that you have something for every season. If you want to have something of interest for spring, summer, fall, and winter, you have to ensure that you have an inclusive range of plant selections.
During spring and summer, you want to have flowering trees and shrubs, while fall foliage should be your focus in autumn. Then, during winter, your landscaping efforts should center around providing structure.

2.) Combine plants and hardscapes

Your home landscaping can benefit from plants as well as hardscapes. Not only do hardscapes help in providing a diverse aesthetic as unique design statements, but they are also very useful when it comes to providing structure to your landscaping.

Whether you are looking to incorporate a wall, fences, decks, arbors, or patios, make sure that you hire a local landscaping expert. A great hardscape feature gives your property a much more “finished” look, and in some cases – especially with decks and patios – can even instill a seamless indoor to outdoor transition.

3.) Mix different forms and textures

Don’t make the mistake of making your yard look monotonous and boring by sticking to similar forms and textures. An important landscape design tip to remember is to know how to mix things up just enough to give your lawn a diverse and exciting look.

For instance, you can mix the pretty shapes and colors of flowers with the different textures and branching patterns that plants like conifers and ribbon grass have. With the right mixture of a myriad of forms and textures, your lawn will be looking new in no time.

4.) Use a walkway to connect elements

In landscaping, you will have to work with different elements in your garden or lawn, and the key is to have these elements connect with each other to create a single space that feels uniform. With a walkway, connecting these elements becomes much easier as it makes your space look more natural.

Instead of trampling on the lawn and settle for a makeshift walkway composed of dead grass, use decorative brick or concrete stepping stones to build a simple path. It will add to the aesthetic appeal of your lawn or garden too, apart from being much more functional and practical.

5.) Use curved lines for edging

While adding edging around your sidewalks, driveway, or flower gardens, use curved lines instead of straight lines. Many local landscaping professionals use this trick to add more character and appeal to the design. This may seem like a small change, but it is the small details like this that really make a huge difference.

Since the edging will be permanent, you can rely on it to add a subtle yet significant appeal to your lawn all year round.

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