The story and timeline behind SydeWyrk

The story and timeline behind SydeWyrk

SydeWyrk Toledo

SydeWyrk began as an idea from Matt Deal, an engineer who often traveled and struggled to find help for one-off jobs at home, such as one-time mows or light landscaping. Keen to spend his limited home time relaxing rather than working, he envisioned a better way to manage these tasks. After drafting a business plan and exploring its potential, Matt pitched his concept of SydeWyrk around, eventually teaming up with two local developers, Cory and David, right here in the Toledo area. Together, they launched the initial version of SydeWyrk in 2018.

Our tight-knit team juggled multiple roles, from user acquisition to gathering critical app feedback. During this time, personal milestones occurred as all founders started families, bringing 7 new little members into our SydeWyrk family over a few short years. With our growing responsibilities and families, the SydeWyrk app had to run on autopilot for a few years.

In 2022, armed with valuable user feedback and enhanced software expertise from their day jobs, Cory and Matt embarked on creating a brand new version of SydeWyrk. Embracing 3 AM as their new wakeup call, they were ready to launch this revamped platform by April 2024.

We are extremely proud of the new version of SydeWyrk and the value we can provide for both homeowners and SydeWyrkers. We truly want to save homeowners time by connecting them directly with workers interested in their jobs, with no hidden fees, and no extra hoops to jump through. All while providing a fair, secure, and easy-to-use platform for individuals and small businesses looking to build their business and fill in spots on their schedule with no lead fees or marketing expenses.

The other cool and unique part of SydeWyrk is that the entire app is developed by Cory and Matt, right here in Perrysburg, so we can take your feedback and immediately apply it as we see fit. Your feedback truly matters and has a chance to influence how we improve the platform.

Our aim is to offer a simpler, more effective, and efficient platform than well-known alternatives like Angie’s List. SydeWyrk ensures a direct connection between real workers and real jobs, putting both homeowners and workers in command of the process. Forget sifting through uninterested referred workers or dealing with inflated quotes from companies that dismiss smaller jobs. With no hidden fees, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying upon job completion, and workers see precisely what they will earn. In the end, you save time and money by using SydeWyrk to find help with your jobs.

As SydeWyrk continues to grow from our roots in Toledo to new cities and states, we remain committed to listening and adapting to your needs. We’re excited about the future and eager to hear your thoughts as we strive to make your life easier and more productive.

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